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Cave Exploration

caving With Wahoo's Adventures

$$$ Save a ton of money! $$$ - Caving trips are only $40 when combined with any Wahoo adventure!

Climb down into the depths of a subterranean world and explore the very depths of the Blue Ridge near Johnson City in eastern Tennessee. Wahoo's has always focused on offering the very best caving experience. Our cave is the largest in all of Tennessee and has been privately owned since the Civil War by a few of our close friends. Roger (the steward of the cave) and his expert guides will lead your expedition through narrow passages and crawl through tight corridors. Learn about the constant temperatures and the fragile environment that forms the stalactites and stalagmites. It is truly an incredible experience, that compares with the best caving expierences in the world today.

We have always run great special deals for our guests. Anyone who goes with Wahoo's can save a ton of money and cave for just $40! Compare that with our competitors' prices and you will be certain to choose our friendly expert staff for your outdoor adventure as well as your spelunking trip down into the caves!

caving With Wahoo's Adventures in Boone, NC

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